Sunday, May 10, 2009

Jimmy Page - Outrider Tour - Cleveland 10-19-1988 FLAC

Jimmy Page - Outrider Tour - Cleveland 10-19-1988 FLAC

This is from a French silver "The Outrider Tour" that was taken from an FM broadcast of the entire Cleveland show. The original artwork has incorrect info for the track listing. I photoshopped and corrected the track listing. I have included the wrong listing for those that might want it. I have seen the location listed as "Public Hall, Cleveland, Ohio", art says "Cleveland Music Hall". Unsure if this is pre-FM, though it seems that it is as there is no DJ banter etc.

01 Who's To Blame
02 Prelude
03 Over The Hills And Far Away
04 Tear Down The Walls
05 Emerald Eyes
06 Midnight Moonlight Lady
07 In My Time Of Dying
08 Wasting My Time
09 Custard Pie
10 Train Kept A Rollin'
11 Stairway To Heaven

Cast of players:

Guitar - Jimmy Page
Vocals - John Miles
Bass - Durban Laverde
Drums - Jason Bonham

John Miles is quite an outstanding singer with a great vocal range. He is able to pull off covering songs originally done by both Robert Plant and Paul Rodgers, two legendary vocalists, as well as singing songs originaly crooned by the great Chris Farlowe. To me, the highlight of this disc is Midnight Moonlight Lady. In the middle of MML, Jimmy breaks into White Summer, then Black Mountainside and back into MML. Wonderfully done.


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  1. This is not Flac. This was a MP3 converted to Flac. You have the worst of both worlds: the awful sound of MP3 and a large file of Flac

  2. Well sir, you are totally mistaken. I ripped this from the silver CD myself. It went like this: CD>WAV>Flac. Now if you want to say that the bootleggers that released this released a sub par disc, fine. But please don't imply that I converted an MP3 to flac. That's just stupid. If all I have is the music in mp3 form, that is what I post. The mp3's that I have posted of this release were also ripped right from the disc by myself. I never alter audio or convert to lossless from lossy. I wouldn't even convert flac to mp3 except for my own use (and frankly I have never even done THAT for my own use), and if I did I wouldn't post it here. By the way, FM radio, as you probably know, compresses the signal for broadcasting. So if you can detect compression, that may be where it originates.

  3. The origin for this CD is a Westwood One transcription disc (vinyl) pre-broadcast. I haven't downloaded the MP3s from the files here as I have an original copy of the CD. The CD is certainly the best fidelity of all bootlegs of the Westwood One show, although it does not contain the complete show (or even the complete broadcast). Other versions of the WW1 broadcast (2CD sets) contain the whole show but suffer from broadcast compression. Westwood One recorded 4 shows, Cleveland being one of them. It is doubtful that the broadcast comes from a single concert, but rather is a mix. I like this CD quite a lot and agree that John Miles is a terrific vocalist. If the MP3s here sound anywhere close to the fidelity of the disc, then Perfecto is completely offbase. There is no better sounding show of this tour to the best of my knowledge.