Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dave Matthews Band - Beacon Theater, New York, NY 6/1/09 Pro-shot DVD rip to iTouch / iPod files

Dave Matthews Band
Beacon Theater
New York, NY

Taper - W Clark
Source - Fuse HD Broadcast
Conversion - Tivo HD > Dazzle Hollywood > iMovie > DVDSP NTSC, 16:9 > Videora iPod Touch Converter

Each DVD is ripped to a separate ipod video file, (2 files total).

Funny The Way It Is
Alligator Pie
Spaceman >
Corn Bread
Out Of My Hands
Why I Am
Dreaming Tree
You Might Die Trying

So Damn Lucky
Anyone Seen The Bridge > (Too Much) >
Ants Marching
Time Bomb
Two Step
Rye Whiskey
Don't Drink The Water
Grey Street

Jeff Coffin on Sax
Tim Reynolds on Guitar

Rapidshare links Here.