Thursday, November 25, 2010

Led Zeppelin - Magical Sound Boogie (EVSD) MSG, NY, NY 1977-06-07 Soundboard FLAC

Led Zeppelin - Magical Sound Boogie (EVSD)
MSG, New York, NY 1977-06-07 Soundboard FLAC

Sorry I've been gone a while. Life has a way of cutting into the hobbies like sharing music. I hope to be uploading more stuff in the coming weeks as time allows. I am also no longer using Rapidshare. For now I am only using Hotfile. Rapidshare has pissed me off with all the policy changes and other stuff over the past two years. I may or may not use them again. Anyway...

This is a newly released SBD of the mighty Zeppelin! I love the '77 tour because of the acoustic set. For some reason though, Black Country Woman cuts out after 32 seconds, which bums me out greatly. The rest of the shows seems to be intact although I haven't listened to it all yet. This is worth downloading just for the quality of the recording. I have embedded art and correct info in the tags.

OK. The links to this are gone again. I will not be reposting them unless
someone requests me to do so. The assholes have won... for now.