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Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble - 8/25/1984 DVD Rockpalast (NTSC)

Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble - 8/25/1984 DVD Rockpalast (NTSC - US format)

General Information 
Event: Open Air Festival Loreley - Rockpalast 
Location: Goarshausen, Germany 
Date: 25 August 1984 

Track List:
01. Introduction 
02. Scuttle Buttin ' 
03. Testify 
04. Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) 
05. Things (That) I Used To Do 
06. Honey Bee 
07. Love Struck Baby 
08. Cold Shot 
09. Could not Stand The Weather 
10. Tin Pan Alley 
11. Pride And Joy 
12. Texas Flood 
13. Little Wing 
14. Third Stone From The Sun 

I haven't found this on any other blogs, at least in english, so, here it is. I love me some Stevie Ray, so I figured I would share the love. Miss ya Stevie.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rush - "The Fifth Order Of Angels" 8/26/1974 FLAC

Rush - "The Fifth Order Of Angels - Sirius Master" FLAC
August 26, 1974
Agora Ballroom
Cleveland, Ohio
Catalog: Sirius Records SIR0490
Source: Pre-FM Broadcast Master Disc

Notes: This pre-FM source has no commercials or DJ voice-overs and is superior to ALL other versions of this show. No EQ or other processing was used on this source. Flac fingerprints and st5 files are included. Artwork is included and I have tagged the files with all related info and artwork. Enjoy! -RMac©

Track List:
01 - Intro 0:30
02 - Finding My Way 5:07
03 - Best I Can 3:03
04 - Need Some Love 3:24
05 - In The End 6:19
06 - Fancy Dancer 3:54
07 - In The Mood 3:25
08 - Bad Boy 5:41
09 - Here Again 8:02
10 - Working Man 9:13
11 - Drum Solo 3:09
12 - What You're Doing 4:33
13 - Garden Road 3:07

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The Black Crowes - High In Houston - Feb 1993 (FLAC)

Artist: The Black Crowes
Title: High In Houston
Date: Houston Feb 1993
Label: Kiss the Stone
Catalogue No: KTS 163/64
Lineage: Original Silver CDs > Nero > Wav > BonkEnc > Flac

Here it is my friends… HIGH IN HOUSTON. One of the most requested shows from The Black Crowes. It sounds great and is a wonderful performance all the way around. There are only 16 tracks but a few of them are full blown jams. Just check out the times on some of these songs.
This is a COMPLETE SHOW lasting 1 hour and 45 minutes!!! Artwork is included and I have tagged the files with all related info and artwork. Enjoy! -RMac©

Disc 1
01 No Speak, No Slave 5:20
02 Sting Me 6:47
03 Hard To Handle 4:40
04 My Morning Song 9:17
05 Jam 7:40
06 Thorn In My Pride 12:38
07 Bad Luck, Blue Eyes, Goodbye 7:00
08 Twice As Hard 4:31

Disc 2
01 Black Moon Creeping 6:42
02 Thick N' Thin 3:24
03 Hotel Illness 4:10
04 Stare It Cold 3:51
05 Three Little Birds 6:28
06 Sometimes Salvation 4:58
07 Jealous Again 5:35
08 Remedy 11:48

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Jimmy Page - Outrider Tour - Cleveland 10-19-1988 FLAC

Jimmy Page - Outrider Tour - Cleveland 10-19-1988 FLAC

This is from a French silver "The Outrider Tour" that was taken from an FM broadcast of the entire Cleveland show. The original artwork has incorrect info for the track listing. I photoshopped and corrected the track listing. I have included the wrong listing for those that might want it. I have seen the location listed as "Public Hall, Cleveland, Ohio", art says "Cleveland Music Hall". Unsure if this is pre-FM, though it seems that it is as there is no DJ banter etc.

01 Who's To Blame
02 Prelude
03 Over The Hills And Far Away
04 Tear Down The Walls
05 Emerald Eyes
06 Midnight Moonlight Lady
07 In My Time Of Dying
08 Wasting My Time
09 Custard Pie
10 Train Kept A Rollin'
11 Stairway To Heaven

Cast of players:

Guitar - Jimmy Page
Vocals - John Miles
Bass - Durban Laverde
Drums - Jason Bonham

John Miles is quite an outstanding singer with a great vocal range. He is able to pull off covering songs originally done by both Robert Plant and Paul Rodgers, two legendary vocalists, as well as singing songs originaly crooned by the great Chris Farlowe. To me, the highlight of this disc is Midnight Moonlight Lady. In the middle of MML, Jimmy breaks into White Summer, then Black Mountainside and back into MML. Wonderfully done.


See my repost of this for the Download links.

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Van Halen - US Festival 5-29-1983 DVD (NTSC)

Van Halen - US Festival 'Old No.7' DVD
Sunday, May 29th, 1983
Devore, CAGlen Helen Regional Park
10:00 p.m. to Midnight
Source Information:Video - Master video (remote truck)>VHS copy>DVD**>DVD Decrypter>Nero 6
Video mode: NTSC 29.970fps
Video Bitrate (9452 kbps)
Aspect ratio: 4:3 NTSCResolution: 720 x 480
Audio – Master video>VHS>CDR>equalization done at WHCN studios using various equipment>Nero 6Audio Codec AC3
Audio Bitrate 0xbd[0x80]:48000Hz 192 kb/s tot , stereo (2/0) Dolby 2.0 Digital

Disc One
1. Romeo Delight
2. Unchained>Drum Solo
3. Full Bug
4. Running With the Devil
5. Jamie’s Cryin’
6. So This Is Love
7. Little Guitars
8. Bass Solo>Dancing In the Streets
9. Somebody Get Me A Doctor>Girl Gone Bad Jam>I’m So Glad>Somebody Get Me A Doctor
10. Dance The Night Away

Disc Two
1. Cathedral>Secrets
2. Everybody Wants Some
3. Ice Cream Man
4. Intruder>Pretty Woman
5. Guitar Solo
6. Ain’t Talkin’ Bout Love
7. Bottoms Up
8. You Really Got Me>Happy Trails>You Really Got Me

Bonus Tracks:
Oakland ‘81 -
Hear About It Later
So This Is Love

Promos -Dance the Night Away
You Really Got Me
Intruder> Pretty Woman

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Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble - Live In Tokyo DVD (NTSC)

Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble - Live In Tokyo DVD (NTSC)
No Artwork included in this one.

This is a DVD Rip (NTSC/US format) from a Laser Disc never released in the states. In will fit on a standard 4.7gb DVD. Theory has it that it wasn't released in the states because it was a sub par performance before SRV got clean. I saw him live in person both clean, and a little while before he went into rehab. He was much better clean (that's the way the good L-rd sent you down here folks), but I gotta tell you, even when he was messed up, he was better than 99% of the world's population. He was in a class all his own. I never got the chance to meet him, but I miss him like he were a dear friend. Enjoy this. Here is a little bit about Stevie written by his mother, Martha Vaughan

Track listing:
01 - Scuttle Buttin'/Say What?
02 - Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)
03 - Cold Shot
04 - Could Stand The Weather
05 - Tin Pan Alley
06 - Dirty Pool
07 - Mary Had A Little Lamb
08 - Love Struck Baby
09 - Texas Flood
10 - Lenny
11 - Testify

I have uploaded this both in DVD format and an iPod/iTouch video file. Links for both here.

Jimmy Page & Robert Plant 1998-08-23 Cologne, Germany (PAL)

Jimmy Page & Robert Plant 1998-08-23 Cologne, Germany (PAL)
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant: «Butzweilerhof, Cologne - Germany»

Special thanks to CologneShark for all his hard work!
This is outstanding. Yes, it is PAL format so it will not play in many US DVD Players, but it should work on almost any computer and many video game systems, so don't let the format thing discourage you from downloading! This is a must have for Zeppelin/Jimmy Page - Robert Plant fans.

Date Of The Show: August 23, 1998
Broadcasting Date: May 2, 2009
Venue: Butzweilerhof, Cologne - Germany
TV - Station: WDR (Germany)
DVD Menu: Photoshop CS3 Design Premium - Apple's DVD Studio Pro & Apple's Motion
DVD Menu Sound: Has Animated Menus, Chapter & Stereo Sound
Audio Format: MP2 Stereo, 48 kHz, 192 kbps
Video Format: MPEG 2Resolution: 720 x 576 / PAL / 50 Hz / ColorFrames Per Second: 25Aspect Ratio: 4:3 - 1.33:1 - Full FrameArtwork Created with: Adobe Creative Suite 3 Extended (Photoshop & InDesign)
Artwork: Hi Resolution (300 ppi) Artwork Inside

«Disc Information» Dual Layer DVD - 5Size: 3,98 GB (4.268.945.408 Byte)Running Time: 01:30:05:11 Minutes
Average Picture Bitrate: 5,843,127 kbps
MPEG Streamclip Info: VOB Program Stream Bit Rate: 7.71 Mbps (On VTS_03)

01. The Wanton Song
02. Bring It On Home0
3. Heartbreaker
04. Ramble On
05. Walking Into Clarksdale
06. No Quarter
07. Shining In The Light
08. Gallows Pole
09. Heart In Your Hand
10. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
11. Most High
12. How Many More Times
13. Spoonful
14. Whole Lotta Love
15. Rock And Roll

«Line Up»
Jimmy Page:Guitar
Robert Plant:Vocals
Charlie Jones:Bass
Michael Lee:Drums
Philip Andrews:Keyboards

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North Mississippi All-Stars: Toronto 9th November 2005 FLAC

The Berkeley Church, Toronto 9th November 2005
Inital Canadian broadcast 18th August 2006
This broadcast by ABC2 Australia 12th April 2009
Author: 2xS
Source: SD DVB-T broadcastDVB-T
Audio Specs: MPEG-1 Layer II @ 256kb/s stereoLineage: SD STB direct to PC via SoundBlaster Live! 24bit @ 48000Hz-> Cool Edit Pro 2 (recording to PC as stereo 44100Hz .wav)-> CD Wave (tracksplits) -> GoldWave (volume adjustment & minor edits)-> CD-R -> EAC -> FLAC Frontend Level 8 ->
Number Of Discs: 1
Running Time: 52m 19s

NO ARTWORK for this specific show. Generic art for the band is tagged to flac files. This band rocks. I have seen them live a few times and they always squeeze every drop of giddy-up out for the fans. If you don't know them, get this and buy their stuff. If you do know them, get this and buy their stuff.

1. Mississippi Bollweevil
2. Hurry Up Sunrise
3. Ship
4. Georgia Women / Po Black Maddie / Skinny Woman / Po Black Maddie
5. Horseshoe
6. Freedom Highway
7. Mean Ol' Wind Died Down
8. Poor Boy Long Way From Home / Snake Drive

North Mississippi Allstars are (for this performance):
Luther Dickinson - lowebow, guitars & vocals
Cody Dickinson - drums & keyboards
Chris Chew - Bass & vocals
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Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - Irvine, CA 10-3-1995 FLAC

Jimmy Page & Robert Plant Z.E.P.P.E.L.I.N
Irvine Meadows Amphitheater, Irvine, CA
Midas Touch Stereo Soundboard Recording
Lineage: Silvers>EAC Secure Mode>TLH Flac level 8

This is one of my favorite recordings from the Page/Plant tours. The Wanton Song with The Immigrant Song intro is a Tour-De-Force. Ignore the EAC log files and MD5 files, they will no longer be accurate since I tagged the flac files with info and artwork. Jpegs of all the artwork are included as well. Enjoy!

01. Introduction
02. Wanton Song (w/Immigrant Song intro)
03. Bring It On Home
04. Ramble On
05. Thank You
06. No Quarter
07. That's The Way
08. Hurdy Gurdy Solo
09. Gallows Pole
10. Since I've Been Loving You
11. The Song Remains The Same
12. Going To California

01. Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You
02. Friends
03. Four Sticks
04. Whole Lotta Love (incl. What Is And What Should Never Be-Break On Through-Dazed And Confused)
05. In The Evening
06. Kashmir

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Electric Warrior Outtakes 1971Marc Bolan & T-Rex FLAC

Electric Warrior Outtakes 1971
Marc Bolan & T-Rex
Author: Unknown.Audio Source: CDR.Lineage: CDR --> EAC --> WAV --> FLAC 8 --> Info tagged by RMac© --> you.
Number of Discs: 1.
Artwork: Included.
Total Running Time: 58m 03s.

Sound quality is excellent!
Artwork included and tagged to flac files by RMac©.

01 - Monolith Nr 1 (2:31)
02 - Monolith Nr 2 (5:19)
03 - Get It On Nr 1 (4:26)
04 - Get It On Nr 2 (5:39)
05 - Get It On (Rough Mix – full length) (6:19)
06 - Cosmic Dance (Electric) (4:33)
07 - Mambo Sun (0:23)
08 - Woodland Rock (2:32)
09 - Bolan Blues (7:02)
10 - Honey Don’t (6:49)
11 - Jam (12:30)

Marc Bolan's detractors never understood how he seemed in such total command of his game, not even after Electric Warrior's September 1971 release. This outtakes album shows why: Bolan's ability to meld garage smarts and a glam pop beat, which holds true for the two versions of his big American hit, "Get It On." The opening version is fairly identical to the finished article, but its pre-sweetened, six-minute companion is raw, rowdy, and untamed listening. Drummer Bill Legend and bassist Steve Currie had only just joined in the spring of 1971. To tighten things up, Bolan ran them through the feverish '50s-era paces of "Honey Don't". Two versions of "Monolith" further impressions of T. Rex locked in a garage. Anyone writing off Bolan as just another jaded teen-beat merchant will be in for a rude surprise: he's totally in command and always looking for a new angle -- such as on the electric "Cosmic Dancer." When that idea didn't pan out, Bolan recut it with a heavily orchestrated arrangement. But that's the mark of a creative mindset -- use what works and toss the discards. This is an essential snapshot behind the scenes of a classic rock album, and a great deal of fun, too.

Great look back at the often overlooked Marc Bolan & T-Rex. -RMac©

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Elvis PresleyOpening Night, 1-26-1972 Hilton Showroom - Las Vegas, Nevada MP3 @ 320kbps

Elvis PresleyOpening Night, 1-26-1972 Hilton Showroom - Las Vegas, NevadaMP3 @ 320kbps

The King in Vegas. Nothing more to say. Long live the King!

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