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This is a very interesting Zeppelin set that has recordings from before the Zeppelin formed right thru till the last tour in 1980. The quality is outstanding and having all these recordings in one set makes this an excellent retrospective, well worth the time it will take to download it all. I have included all the artwork and all the info I have with the downloads. One note. When I downloaded this, none of the mp3’s had tags. I did tag all of them but the the artist listed on all the tags is simply Led Zeppelin even on the songs that are from solo works or from Yardbird songs or whatever. I just do not have the patience to go thru 8 cd’s worth of songs and tag all the artists correctly. Since this is a set dedicated to the history of Led Zeppelin, I just left it at that… 

More in depth info on the tracks in this set, go here

The download link for the music is below after the track listing.
Disc One
01- I’m Confused
02- Train Kept A Rollin’
03- She Just Satisfies
04- Keep Movin’
05- You Better Run
06- Everybody’s Gonna Say
07- Our Song
08- Long Time Coming
09- I’ve Got A Secret
10- Goodnight Sweet Josephine
11- Think About It
12- Hey Hey What Can I Do
13- Psychodasies
14- Happenings Ten Years Times Ago
15- Stroll On
16- My Babe Left Me
17- A Certain Girl
18- Leave My Kitten Alone
19- Surprise Surprise
20- How Do You Feel
21- Jim’s Blues
22- Traveling Riverside Blues
23- You Shook Me
24- The Girl I Love

Disc Two
01- Whole Lotta Love
02- Something Else
03- You Can’t Judge a Book By the Cover (Killing Floor)
04- Babe I’m Gonna Leave You
05- Pat’s Delight
06- How Many More Times Jam
07- Communication Breakdown
08- As Long As I Have You Jam

Disc Three
01- Organ Solo/Thank You
02- Bring It On Home
03- Friends
04- Friends
05- That’s The Way
06- Friends
07- Hey Hey What Can I Do
08- Instrumental Jam
09- Immigrant Song
10- Heartbreaker
11- Black Dog
12- Stairway to Heaven
13- Goin’ To California

Disc Four
01- That’s The Way
02- What Is and What Should Never Be
03- That’s the Way
04- Blues Medley
05- Since I’ve Been Loving You
06- That’s the Way
07- Blues Medley
08- Since I’ve Been Loving You
09- No Quarter instrumental rehearsal
10- No Quarter
11- Dazed and Confused
12- Celebration Day

Disc Five
01- Whole Lotta Love
02- Dancing Days
03- The Song Remains The Same
04- Rain Song
05- The Light Bearer
06- Take Two
07- Take Three
08- Take Four
09- Take Five
10- Take Six
11- Take Seven
12- Take Eight

Disc Six
01- Schooldays
02- Nadine
03- Around and Around
04- Move on Down the Line
05- Love Me Like a Hurricane
06- Move It
07- Dynamite
08- Shakin’ All Over
09- Hungry For Love
10- I’ll Never Get Over You
11- Reelin’ and Rockin’
12- Strawberry Jam I
13- Strawberry Jam II
14- Wanton Song
15- The Rover I
16- The Rover II
17- Night Flight I
18- Night Flight II
19- Night Flight III
20- Rock and Roll
21- Sick Again
22- Over the Hills and Far Away
23- In My Time of Dying

Disc Seven
01- All My Love
02- Since I’ve Been Loving You
03- Ten Years Gone
04- Black Country Woman
05- Bron-Y-Aur Stomp
06- White Summer
07- Kashmir
08- Trampled Underfoot
09- Achilles Last Stand
10- Money
11- Hot Dog
12- Train Kept-A-Rollin’
13- Nobody’s Fault But Mine

Disc Eight
01- Whole Lotta Love
02- Kashmir
03- Heartbreaker
04- Whole Lotta Love
05- Misty Mountain Hop
06- Stairway to Heaven
07- Black Dog
08- In the Evening
09- Rain Song
10- Since I’ve Been Loving You
11- Rock and Roll
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Eric Clapton: Legends Flawless (Studio) 1997

Eric Clapton: Legends Flawless (Studio) 1997

In the summer of 1997, E.C. hooked up with some world-class jazz
musicians and did a brief (two week) tour of European jazz festivals. The result was some truly great music.
Rehearsals - S.I.R. Rehearsal Studios - Hollywood, CA
probably 1997.06.?? In any case this is a very interesting bootleg showcasing the versatile talents of the great Eric Clapton.

MP3's @ 192kbps

CD 1:
01 - Snakes
02 - Marcus #1
03 - Marcus #1
04 - Full House
05 - Full House
06 - Ruthie
07 - Ruthie
08 - Put It Where You Want
09 - Suggestions
10 - Peeper

CD 2:
01 - Going Down Slow
02 - I Got You I Feel Good
03 - Silver Rain
04 - Layla
05 - Rock Me Baby
06 - Jelly Roll

Download text file with links here. (Updated 5/5/2009)

Eric Clapton: Layla Italy 2006 (Soundboard)

Piazza Napoleone - Lucca, Italy - July 7, 2006
Excellent Soundboard Recording

Here is one for all you EC fans. I love not only the great quality of this recording but I also love the Artwork which I have included with this download.

Eric Clapton - Guitar, Vocals
Doyle Bramhall II - Guitar
Derek Trucks - Guitar
Chris Stainton - Keyboards
Tim Carmon - Keyboards
Willie Weeks - Bass
Steve Jordan - Drums
Michelle John - Backing Vocals
Sharon White - Backing Vocals
Simon Clarke - Baritone Sax
Roddy Lorimer - Trumpet
Tim Sanders - Tenor Sax

192kbps MP3

CD 1:
01 - So Tired
02 - Got To Get Better In A Little While
03 - Old Love (With Robert Cray)
04 - Everybody Ought To Make A Change
05 - Motherless Children
06 - Back Home
07 - I Am Yours
08 - Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out
09 - Running On Faith

CD 2:
01 - After Midnight
02 - Little Queen Of Spades
03 - Let It Rain
04 - Wonderful Tonight
05 - Layla
06 - Cocaine

part 1 here
part 2 here
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Jimmy Page - Outrider Tour - Cleveland 10-88

Jimmy Page - Outrider Tour - Cleveland 10-88 (unsure of exact date)Ripped from CD at 192kbps bitrate.

01 Who's To Blame
02 Prelude
03 Over The Hills And Far Away
04 Tear Down The Walls
05 Emerald Eyes
06 Midnight Moonlight Lady
07 In My Time Of Dying
08 Wasting My Time
09 Custard Pie
10 Train Kept A Rollin'
11 Stairway To Heaven

Cast of players:

Guitar - Jimmy Page
Vocals - John Miles
Bass - Durban Laverde
Drums - Jason Bonham

John Miles is quite an outstanding singer with a great vocal range. He is able to pull off covering songs originally done by both Robert Plant and Paul Rodgers, two legendary vocalists, as well as singing songs originaly crooned by the great Chris Farlowe.

To me, the highlight of this disc is Midnight Moonlight Lady. In the middle of MML, Jimmy breaks into White Summer, then Black Mountainside and back into MML. Wonderfully done.


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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - Simple Truth

Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - Simple Truth
Professionally Recorded Live At The Shark
Tank in San Jose, CA 05-20-95

OK. My first post may also be one of my best.

Many of these songs were used for a Westwood One Broadcast, though I do not
believe all of them were ever broadcast. I am assuming that is the original source.
The quality is awesome. Ripped right from the silver CD's.

Bitrate 192 kbps.

(Disc 1)
01 Intro02 Thank You
03 Bring It On Home
04 Ramble On
05 Shake My Tree
06 Intro 2
07 Lullaby
08 No Quarter
09 Gallows Pole
10 Hurdy Gurdy - Nobody's Fault But Mine
11 Hey Hey What Can I Do?
12 The Song Remains the Same

(Disc 2)
01 Intro
02 Since I've Been Loving You
03 Friends 04 Calling To You (Dazed & Confused - Break On Through)
05 Four Sticks - In The Evening
06 Black Dog
07 Kashmir

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In the begining...

In the begining G-d created the heavens and the earth... ok, this blog isn't about anything as serious as all that, it's simply about good music that you probably can't find in your local record store.

I will be posting links to download high quality mp3's and flac files of music I have collected from my own web surfing and music I have ripped myself. The difference between the files I post and what you may find on other blogs or sites is that I will post more "complete" mp3's. What I mean by this is that all of the mp3's I post will have the ID3v2 tags completed, artwork (if availble) embedded and included along with the music files, a playlist so you can simply double click and load the whole disc in original order and files names named in the following format "01 - Kashmir". Included in the downloads will also be whatever info I have on that recording. I will be mostly uploading the files in rar format as it is very versatile and easy to work with.

Winrar can be downloaded for free here:

As of right now, I will be uploading to the RapidShare file sharing service. I already paid for a premium account, so that is what I will use for now. If any dead links are found, please let me know and I will repost. I will update when I have time. Maybe weekly, maybe daily. Comments and contributions welcome!