Thursday, February 14, 2008

Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - Simple Truth

Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - Simple Truth
Professionally Recorded Live At The Shark
Tank in San Jose, CA 05-20-95

OK. My first post may also be one of my best.

Many of these songs were used for a Westwood One Broadcast, though I do not
believe all of them were ever broadcast. I am assuming that is the original source.
The quality is awesome. Ripped right from the silver CD's.

Bitrate 192 kbps.

(Disc 1)
01 Intro02 Thank You
03 Bring It On Home
04 Ramble On
05 Shake My Tree
06 Intro 2
07 Lullaby
08 No Quarter
09 Gallows Pole
10 Hurdy Gurdy - Nobody's Fault But Mine
11 Hey Hey What Can I Do?
12 The Song Remains the Same

(Disc 2)
01 Intro
02 Since I've Been Loving You
03 Friends 04 Calling To You (Dazed & Confused - Break On Through)
05 Four Sticks - In The Evening
06 Black Dog
07 Kashmir

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