Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Led Zeppelin - VooDoo In The Gardens - 1-15-1973 Trentham Gardens, Stoke, England SBD - FLAC

Led Zeppelin - VooDoo In The Gardens - 1-15-1973 Trentham Gardens, Stoke, England SBD - FLAC Winston Remaster

Winston's Notes: Led Zeppelin Trentham Gardens Stoke England January 15, 1973 SBD 1stGenCassette>DAT>CDR3>Remaster>Flac Remaster Notes - Declicked, Dehissed, & Enhanced with EQ, Dynamics I do this as a hobby. If your not into digitally enhanced material please pass on this one. My main goal in remastering is balance, to make everything heard. Title: Voodoo In The Gardens CD 1 1. Rock And Roll 2. Over The Hills And Far Away 3. Black Dog 4. Misty Mountain Hop 5. Since I've Been Loving You 6. Dancing Days 7. Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp 8. The Song Remains The Same (Cut end) 9. The Rain Song (Cut start) CD 2 1. Dazed And Confused 2. Stairway To Heaven (Cut end) 3. Whole Lotta Love (medley) (Cut start)

Notes: There are a few spots of Tape crunch. mostly during Whole Lotta Love.
*Artwork is included


This is a nice sounding SBD for all my fellow Led-Heads. I have tagged flac files with art and info and created a playlist file. Enjoy!


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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Roger Waters & The Bleeding Heart Band - Quebec, Canada 5/22/87 Professionaly recorded by Westwood One FLAC

Roger Waters & The Bleeding Heart Band
Quebec, Canada 5/22/87
Professionaly recorded by Westwood One

I have done three uploads of this recording. One is a Nero image file which will burn an exact copy of the silver CD with CD text added for CD text capable players, the second is a bin file for use with Image burn or other compatible programs (including cue file). This CD will be found when using CDDB to get information on it!

Lineage: Silver CD>Copied by Nero adding CD Text>CD-R>.nrg file (Nero Image file)>you

Second upload is flac files of this recording including original AND alternate artwork.

Lineage: Silver CD>EAC>wav>flac>you

As is my custom, I have created a playlist file and added the original artwork to the flac files using the great MP3TAG program. I have ripped this myself, includes front cover artwork. Enjoy!

Track List:

01 Radio Waves
02 Welcome To The Machine
03 Money
04 In The Flesh
05 Have A Cigar
06 Pigs
07 Wish You Were Here
08 Mother
09 The Final Cut
10 If
11 Powers That Be
12 Breathe
13 Brain Damage - Eclipse
14 Another Brick In The Wall

Track listing on the original artwork lists track 12 as Brain Damage, but when you CBDB the disc it comes up properly as Breathe. Track 13 shows as Eclipse but is Brain Damage/Eclipse. This is the famous Quebec show professionaly recorded by Westwood One. This has been highly bootlegged, but I haven't seen this particular release on any blogs or torrents (they may be out there, I just haven't seen them)l. The quality is astounding and Roger & The Bleeding Hearts were really on that night. The versions of the Pink Floyd songs have a bit of funk added to them by the guys and the result is great! I saw the Hartford show on that tour and it still ranks as one of the top five shows I have ever seen. I only wish the interplay between the DJ Jim Ladd, Billy, and everything else that went on during the show was here, but I think you can get a lot of that elswhere, though not at this level of quality. Enjoy the heck out of this and please leave a comment!


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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band - Live To Run - 12-31-1975 FLAC

Bruce Springsteen
and the E Street Band
December 31, 1975
Tower Theatre
Philadelphia (Upper Darby), PA

Uber Series: Vol 33

Generous/Mysterious Uber --> CDR --> EAC --> FLAC Frontend

At first blush, this tape might seem a bit ho hum as a complete
soundboard recording of the 12/31/75 show has been in circulation
for years (as are other nights from the same stand). But make no
mistake, you have never heard this before.

The previously circulating soundboard (generally attributed to be
sourced from the late, great Ed Sciaky) was recorded live to
two-track, likely on cassette or perhaps reel, and it sounds a lot
like other '75 board sources. But it turns out a multi-track
recording was also made on 12/31/75, and in early 1976 those
multi-tracks were mixed down to stereo for consideration of a live
album that never happened.

These nine songs are taken directly from the 1976 production reels
of those mixes and offer what is arguably the finest live recording
of the era. Undoubtedly, the official Hammersmith release sounds
great, but it was mixed in 2005, not 1976. If you thought
Springsteen was in your living room on the WGOE session, the entire
E Street Band is there this time.

Track Listing
1 - Night
2 - 10th Avenue Freezeout (slow)
3 - Spirit in the Night
4 - Does This Bus Stop at 82nd Street?
5 - It's My Life
6 - Pretty Flamingo
7 - It's Hard to be a Saint in the City
8 - Mountain of Love
9 - Jungleland

It's pretty much safe to say that had any of those songs, apart from Spirit and
Saint, made the Live 75-85 set, said live set would have been that much better.

I have changed file names to track titles, added all relevant info to tags and tagged artwork to the files. Audio is untouched by me. -RMac©

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes - Wantagh 2000.07.10 - DVD Pro Shot (plus iTouch/iPod video)

This is the complete show this time folks, no songs left out!! DVD also includes nice menus, a good touch the other version I posted DIDN'T have.

Jimmy Page and the Black Crowes
Wantagh, New York US
Jones Beach Amphitheater

NTSC-DVD, 4 Gb, Pro-shot
Running Time - 2:21:09
Menu, chapters for all songs
Video spec NTSC-DVD (Vob files)
Framerate - 29.97 fps
Bitrate - 3550 kbps
Image size - 720x480
Aspect Ratio - 4:3
Audio spec -
Codec - AC3 Stereo
Bitrate - 448 kbps
Sampling Rate - 48 khz
Lineage unknown - best guess, VHS > DVD author > DVD > VIDEO_TS

01. Celebration Day
02. The Wanton Song
03. Misty Mountain Hop
04. Hot's on for Nowhere
05. No Speak, No Slave
06. Sick Again
07. What is and What Should Never Be
08. Horsehead
09. Oh Well
10. Ten Years Gone
11. In My Time of Dying
12. Just Can´t Be Satisfied
13. Your Time is Gonna Come
14. Remedy
15. The Lemon Song
16. In the Light
17. Shapes of Things
18. Nobody´s Fault But Mine
19. Heartbreaker
20. Bring it on Home
21. She Talks to Angels
22. Out on the Tiles
23. Whole Lotta Love

MD5 verification file included.
The Band
Jimmy Page: Guitars
Chris Robinson: Lead Vocals
Rich Robinson: Guitars
Audley Freed: Guitars
Ed Harsch: Keyboards
Greg Rzab: Bass
Steve Gorman: Drums

I have always been a big fan of when Jimmy played with the Crowes having had in the collection previous amateur videos which were pretty good to say the least and the various audio bootlegs that were available to us all right through to the official release from the Greek Theatre in 1999. This release is a welcome addition to any collector, Jimmy whilst playing with the Crowes was always on fire, some people regard the vocalist as being "Tame / weak / not Robert Plant etc" should ignore this fact, cause this is all about Jimmy playing old zep standards at some of his highest standards. The highlights for me were Lemon Song, Celebration Day, In My Time of Dying. Lets not forget that the Crowes are a pretty tight and professional band and can certainly handle their instruments. The DVD itself is indeed a pro shot, where it come from who knows and who cares, the picture quality is fantastic with multi camera angles, there is a minor tape flaw in places but this does not detract from the viewing at all. The sound is simply fantastic also. This is a fantastic release and a master class in guitar playing, the intermingling of Jimmy with the Crowes guitarists is fantastic, such a pity they stopped playing. A big thumbs up on this one to the people who released it, lets hope for more. (Big Lee From Tipton Jan 07)

I converted this for use on my iTouch and thought I would share that as well. Also included is two different versions of DVD artwork. Just for the record, I happen to think Chris Robinson is an excellent vocalist. He is different than Robert Plant and while being true to the original spirit of the Zeppelin songs, he also adds some of his own flair, which is much better than someone just trying to be a Plant replacement. I've seen the Crowes live a few times, in clubs, medium size venues and at MSG on New Years Eve once, and they have always been great. This show is no exception. Enjoy!


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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - Nagoya, Japan 2-17-1996 SBD/AUD Matrix (FLAC)

Jimmy Page & Robert Plant
Nagoya, Japan
Century Hall

Title: "Tea for One"

SBD Lineage: Silvers > EAC Secure Mode > WAV > FLAC Frontend > FLAC Level 8
AUD Lineage: Silvers > EAC Secure Mode > WAV > FLAC Frontend > FLAC > TLH >
FLAC Level 8

SBD Source: "Made In Occupied Japan Part 3" (Tarantura 2001)
AUD Source: "Two Swans On A Century Lake - Kishimen Pie" (Real Dragon)

101 Egyptian Tape Intro
102 Heartbreaker
103 Bring It On Home
104 Custard Pie
105 Ramble On
106 Tangerine
107 Thank You
108 Hurdy Gurdy Solo (Nigel Eaton)
109 Gallows Pole
110 The Rain Song
111 The Song Remains The Same
112 Tea For One
201 Introduction of the Egyptian Pharaohs
202 Dancing Days
203 In The Evening
204 Four Sticks
205 Kashmir
206 Encore Break
207 Celebration Day
208 Black Dog
209 Rock And Roll

This one sounds great! Original uploader's notes below:

Thanks to 3hrsoflunacy for continuing to supply me all the great Page & Plant audio.

Both sources were put into the multi-track function of Adobe Audition 3.0 and synced, the audience source's volume was boosted. Mastering was done after syncing. During mastering, levels at 150 Hz and below were boosted to emphasized the low tones, and levels at 12000 Hz and above were slightly lowered, this was done in an attempt to give an equal balance to all the instruments and vocals.

Both the audience and soundboard sources sounded amazing on their own, hopefully the combination of the two does as well.

- Liriodendron

I have tagged the flac files with artwork and track titles, otherwise files have been untouched by me. I have also included Nero audio CD compilation files (only a few kb's). I have created new fingerprint and md5 files.


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