Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes - Wantagh 2000.07.10 - DVD Pro Shot (plus iTouch/iPod video)

This is the complete show this time folks, no songs left out!! DVD also includes nice menus, a good touch the other version I posted DIDN'T have.

Jimmy Page and the Black Crowes
Wantagh, New York US
Jones Beach Amphitheater

NTSC-DVD, 4 Gb, Pro-shot
Running Time - 2:21:09
Menu, chapters for all songs
Video spec NTSC-DVD (Vob files)
Framerate - 29.97 fps
Bitrate - 3550 kbps
Image size - 720x480
Aspect Ratio - 4:3
Audio spec -
Codec - AC3 Stereo
Bitrate - 448 kbps
Sampling Rate - 48 khz
Lineage unknown - best guess, VHS > DVD author > DVD > VIDEO_TS

01. Celebration Day
02. The Wanton Song
03. Misty Mountain Hop
04. Hot's on for Nowhere
05. No Speak, No Slave
06. Sick Again
07. What is and What Should Never Be
08. Horsehead
09. Oh Well
10. Ten Years Gone
11. In My Time of Dying
12. Just Can´t Be Satisfied
13. Your Time is Gonna Come
14. Remedy
15. The Lemon Song
16. In the Light
17. Shapes of Things
18. Nobody´s Fault But Mine
19. Heartbreaker
20. Bring it on Home
21. She Talks to Angels
22. Out on the Tiles
23. Whole Lotta Love

MD5 verification file included.
The Band
Jimmy Page: Guitars
Chris Robinson: Lead Vocals
Rich Robinson: Guitars
Audley Freed: Guitars
Ed Harsch: Keyboards
Greg Rzab: Bass
Steve Gorman: Drums

I have always been a big fan of when Jimmy played with the Crowes having had in the collection previous amateur videos which were pretty good to say the least and the various audio bootlegs that were available to us all right through to the official release from the Greek Theatre in 1999. This release is a welcome addition to any collector, Jimmy whilst playing with the Crowes was always on fire, some people regard the vocalist as being "Tame / weak / not Robert Plant etc" should ignore this fact, cause this is all about Jimmy playing old zep standards at some of his highest standards. The highlights for me were Lemon Song, Celebration Day, In My Time of Dying. Lets not forget that the Crowes are a pretty tight and professional band and can certainly handle their instruments. The DVD itself is indeed a pro shot, where it come from who knows and who cares, the picture quality is fantastic with multi camera angles, there is a minor tape flaw in places but this does not detract from the viewing at all. The sound is simply fantastic also. This is a fantastic release and a master class in guitar playing, the intermingling of Jimmy with the Crowes guitarists is fantastic, such a pity they stopped playing. A big thumbs up on this one to the people who released it, lets hope for more. (Big Lee From Tipton Jan 07)

I converted this for use on my iTouch and thought I would share that as well. Also included is two different versions of DVD artwork. Just for the record, I happen to think Chris Robinson is an excellent vocalist. He is different than Robert Plant and while being true to the original spirit of the Zeppelin songs, he also adds some of his own flair, which is much better than someone just trying to be a Plant replacement. I've seen the Crowes live a few times, in clubs, medium size venues and at MSG on New Years Eve once, and they have always been great. This show is no exception. Enjoy!


Rapidshare links for DVD and iTouch/iPod here.


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