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Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band - Live To Run - 12-31-1975 FLAC

Bruce Springsteen
and the E Street Band
December 31, 1975
Tower Theatre
Philadelphia (Upper Darby), PA

Uber Series: Vol 33

Generous/Mysterious Uber --> CDR --> EAC --> FLAC Frontend

At first blush, this tape might seem a bit ho hum as a complete
soundboard recording of the 12/31/75 show has been in circulation
for years (as are other nights from the same stand). But make no
mistake, you have never heard this before.

The previously circulating soundboard (generally attributed to be
sourced from the late, great Ed Sciaky) was recorded live to
two-track, likely on cassette or perhaps reel, and it sounds a lot
like other '75 board sources. But it turns out a multi-track
recording was also made on 12/31/75, and in early 1976 those
multi-tracks were mixed down to stereo for consideration of a live
album that never happened.

These nine songs are taken directly from the 1976 production reels
of those mixes and offer what is arguably the finest live recording
of the era. Undoubtedly, the official Hammersmith release sounds
great, but it was mixed in 2005, not 1976. If you thought
Springsteen was in your living room on the WGOE session, the entire
E Street Band is there this time.

Track Listing
1 - Night
2 - 10th Avenue Freezeout (slow)
3 - Spirit in the Night
4 - Does This Bus Stop at 82nd Street?
5 - It's My Life
6 - Pretty Flamingo
7 - It's Hard to be a Saint in the City
8 - Mountain of Love
9 - Jungleland

It's pretty much safe to say that had any of those songs, apart from Spirit and
Saint, made the Live 75-85 set, said live set would have been that much better.

I have changed file names to track titles, added all relevant info to tags and tagged artwork to the files. Audio is untouched by me. -RMac©

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