Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - Nagoya, Japan 2-17-1996 SBD/AUD Matrix (FLAC)

Jimmy Page & Robert Plant
Nagoya, Japan
Century Hall

Title: "Tea for One"

SBD Lineage: Silvers > EAC Secure Mode > WAV > FLAC Frontend > FLAC Level 8
AUD Lineage: Silvers > EAC Secure Mode > WAV > FLAC Frontend > FLAC > TLH >
FLAC Level 8

SBD Source: "Made In Occupied Japan Part 3" (Tarantura 2001)
AUD Source: "Two Swans On A Century Lake - Kishimen Pie" (Real Dragon)

101 Egyptian Tape Intro
102 Heartbreaker
103 Bring It On Home
104 Custard Pie
105 Ramble On
106 Tangerine
107 Thank You
108 Hurdy Gurdy Solo (Nigel Eaton)
109 Gallows Pole
110 The Rain Song
111 The Song Remains The Same
112 Tea For One
201 Introduction of the Egyptian Pharaohs
202 Dancing Days
203 In The Evening
204 Four Sticks
205 Kashmir
206 Encore Break
207 Celebration Day
208 Black Dog
209 Rock And Roll

This one sounds great! Original uploader's notes below:

Thanks to 3hrsoflunacy for continuing to supply me all the great Page & Plant audio.

Both sources were put into the multi-track function of Adobe Audition 3.0 and synced, the audience source's volume was boosted. Mastering was done after syncing. During mastering, levels at 150 Hz and below were boosted to emphasized the low tones, and levels at 12000 Hz and above were slightly lowered, this was done in an attempt to give an equal balance to all the instruments and vocals.

Both the audience and soundboard sources sounded amazing on their own, hopefully the combination of the two does as well.

- Liriodendron

I have tagged the flac files with artwork and track titles, otherwise files have been untouched by me. I have also included Nero audio CD compilation files (only a few kb's). I have created new fingerprint and md5 files.


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