Thursday, January 13, 2011

Eric Clapton PBS "In the Spotlight" - Nothing But the Blues - PBS Station Master Copy - DVD

Eric Clapton PBS "In the Spotlight" - Nothing But the Blues - PBS Station Master Copy - DVD
DVD | Covers, Artwork | 2.87 GB
Eric Clapton PBS "In the Spotlight" - Nothing But the Blues - PBS Station Master Copy
I have included artwork and screenshots. If you are an EC fan, you must have this!

Recorded at The Fillmore West, San Francisco, Ca., November 8-9, 1994

The Band:
Eric Clapton Guitar, Vocals
Andy Fairweather Low Rhythm Guitar
Jerry Portnoy Harmonica
Chris Stainton Keyboards
Dave Bronze Bass
Andy Newmark Drums
Roddy Lorimer Trumpet
Tim Sanders Tenor Sax
Simon Clarke Baritone Sax

Type: DVD
Region: 1
TV System: NTSC.

Video Stream:
Type: Interlaced MPEG2
Bitrate: 9.558 Mbps
Framerate: 29.970 Hz
Resolution: 704x480
Aspect ratio: 4x3

Audio Stream:
Type: Dolby Digital (AC3)
Bitrate: 256 Kbps
Number of channels: 2
Sampling Frequency: 48khz
Sampling Bits: 16

Geetarz Comments:

This is the oft-discussed PBS "In the Spotlight" program, featuring the one and only network broadcast of Martin Scorcese's Eric Clapton documentary, "Nothing But the Blues". The PBS program was only aired once, 1995.

Various copies of this broadcast are in circulation, all from broadcast sources of differing quality.

There was a home video release of "Nothing But ..." planned for the summer of 1995. Warner Music was in the pre-order process and taking orders. Some promotional copies were sent out as well, but were later recalled when the release was cancelled, for reasons no one has been able to ascertain.

The previous Geetarz / Button of this program was sourced from one of these Warner promo tapes, with stereo audio added from the radio show audio.

Some time ago I received in the mail an unmarked envelope with no return address; the postmark was from a large city where I have any number of friends and trading buddies. Imagine my surprise when I popped the DVD into my player, only to find what appears to be a pristine copy of "In the Spotlight", direct to DVD from a PBS Station master. Whoever you are ... THANK YOU!

The original DVD was burned on a standalone recorder. Standalone recorders are convenient but at times produce some noncompliant errors in the video stream. I was able to extract the program material and generate new navigation information in order to have a 100% compliant DVD-Video. THERE WAS NO RECOMPRESSION OF ANY OF THE VIDEO OR AUDIO STREAM. Any addition or subtraction to the program material would have necessitated re-encoding the program material, and in this case everyone deserves to get the "real deal" in the utmost quality possible.

PBS' broadcast is properly referred to as "In the Spotlight", and it does not contain the epic performance of "Driftin'" found on the "Nothing But the Blues" promotional copies. Still, in terms of video quality alone, this is an essential document and required viewing for any fan of Eric Clapton's blues material. At least until the suits at the record companies get their heads out of their asses and officially release this on DVD!

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