Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Electric Warrior Outtakes 1971Marc Bolan & T-Rex FLAC

Electric Warrior Outtakes 1971
Marc Bolan & T-Rex
Author: Unknown.Audio Source: CDR.Lineage: CDR --> EAC --> WAV --> FLAC 8 --> Info tagged by RMac© --> you.
Number of Discs: 1.
Artwork: Included.
Total Running Time: 58m 03s.

Sound quality is excellent!
Artwork included and tagged to flac files by RMac©.

01 - Monolith Nr 1 (2:31)
02 - Monolith Nr 2 (5:19)
03 - Get It On Nr 1 (4:26)
04 - Get It On Nr 2 (5:39)
05 - Get It On (Rough Mix – full length) (6:19)
06 - Cosmic Dance (Electric) (4:33)
07 - Mambo Sun (0:23)
08 - Woodland Rock (2:32)
09 - Bolan Blues (7:02)
10 - Honey Don’t (6:49)
11 - Jam (12:30)

Marc Bolan's detractors never understood how he seemed in such total command of his game, not even after Electric Warrior's September 1971 release. This outtakes album shows why: Bolan's ability to meld garage smarts and a glam pop beat, which holds true for the two versions of his big American hit, "Get It On." The opening version is fairly identical to the finished article, but its pre-sweetened, six-minute companion is raw, rowdy, and untamed listening. Drummer Bill Legend and bassist Steve Currie had only just joined in the spring of 1971. To tighten things up, Bolan ran them through the feverish '50s-era paces of "Honey Don't". Two versions of "Monolith" further impressions of T. Rex locked in a garage. Anyone writing off Bolan as just another jaded teen-beat merchant will be in for a rude surprise: he's totally in command and always looking for a new angle -- such as on the electric "Cosmic Dancer." When that idea didn't pan out, Bolan recut it with a heavily orchestrated arrangement. But that's the mark of a creative mindset -- use what works and toss the discards. This is an essential snapshot behind the scenes of a classic rock album, and a great deal of fun, too.

Great look back at the often overlooked Marc Bolan & T-Rex. -RMac©

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  1. This electric warriors are really wonderful. I really like the Sound because I believe the quality can not be compared with another genre

  2. Glad you guys like this one. I love the versions of Monolith here.

  3. Bolan was and is the king of glam!
    Thank you very much!

  4. This is one of my favorite bootlegs, great sound quality, glad you like it too! and your welcome :-)