Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Black Crowes - High In Houston - Feb 1993 (FLAC)

Artist: The Black Crowes
Title: High In Houston
Date: Houston Feb 1993
Label: Kiss the Stone
Catalogue No: KTS 163/64
Lineage: Original Silver CDs > Nero > Wav > BonkEnc > Flac

Here it is my friends… HIGH IN HOUSTON. One of the most requested shows from The Black Crowes. It sounds great and is a wonderful performance all the way around. There are only 16 tracks but a few of them are full blown jams. Just check out the times on some of these songs.
This is a COMPLETE SHOW lasting 1 hour and 45 minutes!!! Artwork is included and I have tagged the files with all related info and artwork. Enjoy! -RMac©

Disc 1
01 No Speak, No Slave 5:20
02 Sting Me 6:47
03 Hard To Handle 4:40
04 My Morning Song 9:17
05 Jam 7:40
06 Thorn In My Pride 12:38
07 Bad Luck, Blue Eyes, Goodbye 7:00
08 Twice As Hard 4:31

Disc 2
01 Black Moon Creeping 6:42
02 Thick N' Thin 3:24
03 Hotel Illness 4:10
04 Stare It Cold 3:51
05 Three Little Birds 6:28
06 Sometimes Salvation 4:58
07 Jealous Again 5:35
08 Remedy 11:48

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  1. Damn - missed it!

    Would it be possible for you to re-upload this?

  2. Yes, I will re-up. Check back soon. A lot of my stuff is going to start going missing because of crappy-shares new policies.