Thursday, September 15, 2011

Robert Plant - Womad Festival 7-29-2005 Rivermead, Reading UK (FM Broadcast Source) Flac

Artist :- Robert Plant & The Strange Sensation
Venue: - Womad Festival
Location: -Rivermead, Reading UK
Date: - 2005/07/29
Source: - FM
Lineage :- CD>Audiograbber>WAV>TLH>Flac level 8
Quality: -10/10 imo
Artwork: - Yes from
File Size: - 359mb

Great set from Percy and The Strange Sensation. Excellent sound quality. I got this from the folks at T.U.B.E. but the files had no track names or tags. I changed the tracks names to reflect the song titles, added tags with full info, created a playlist and md5 files. I Also created a new fingerprint file while saving the original one that TUBE included so that you can see the audio was not touched in any way.


Track listing:

Shine It All Around
Black Dog
Freedom Fries
That’s The Way
Another Tribe
Four Sticks
Tin Pan Valley
Gallows Pole
When The Levee Breaks
The Enchanter
Whole Lotta Love

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