Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Led Zeppelin - "Hampton Rhodes" Hampton, VA 9-9-1971 SBD Flac

Led Zeppelin, Hampton Roads Coliseum
September 9, 1971, Hampton, Virginia

Soundboard Recording
Master > Open Reel > DAT

01 - Immigrant Song
02 - Heartbreaker
03 - Since I've Been Loving You
04 - Black Dog
05 - Dazed and Confused
06 - Stairway To Heaven
07 - Celebration Day
08 - That's The Way
09 - Going to California
10 - What Is and What Should Never Be
11 - Moby Dick

Good Soundboard recording, start of Immigrant song is cut but otherwise a great listen. This is a repost.

Fileserve Here
Hotfile Part1 and Part2


  1. So,thank you very much.

    I like this site,I watch every day.

    Please up by FLAC.

    2007-12-05 Shepperton Studios
    The Triumph Rehearsals (Guitar on Version) (Tarantura)


  2. OMG - cool! I was at this show!

  3. BTW, it's the Hampton ROADS Coliseum (Roads as used here is a maritime term - it refers to the whole area comprising the mouth of the James river (which is very wide - the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel is 3.5 miles long). I spent the second half of my childhood/adolescent years here - moving there when I was 13. Re my previous comment, I was 15 when I saw Led Zep in the Coliseum, and it was actually the first rock concert I ever saw I can still hardly believe my parents got me a ticket and just dropped me off! I think they figured "well how much trouble could she get into with a ticket for a seat in the nosebleed section?" In fact, I didn't stay in my seat - I got up and went down to the floor, and actually went right up to the stage. Everyone down near the stage stood up on their chairs, and I was standing down on the floor, then I blacked out because there was no oxygen done where I was. Some guy who was standing on a chair kept one foot on his chair got down and pulled me up onto the chair next to him, and held me up there with him for the rest of the concert. When the concert was over I said "thanks", and he said "yeah, sure" and just vanished. I was very much taken aback - I was actually a very hot 15 year old girl. All I can figure is that maybe he was actually that rarity of rarities - a guy with a sense of honor and decency. After spending 40 minutes watching Robert Plant, well simultaneously being held very close to a very good looking man, I was just beyond frustrated. I was actually used to finding that any guy that I met was more than happy to hang out and make out with me. (It was probably good for me not to get my way for a change - lol) hope that wasn't TMI - thinking about that night just sent me down memory lane!