Sunday, September 4, 2011

Rapidshare Files to be deleted

Any files I have on cRapidshare are scheduled to be deleted.

I no longer do business with them because they change policies and format way too often. I'm sick of the BS and have chosen to use Fileserve and Hotfile only.

I will try to upload previous posts onto one of these sites when I can. Some of my posts will simply be gone, never to be replaced. All I can say is if something has been deleted that you would like, request that it be re-upped and I will do my best.


  1. At this time I would like to request something new. Some more White Stripes and/or something from The Firm would me nice. Also, if i could be presumptuous, post more often? You have good stuff here, but I can come back week after week with nothing new. Obviously you have better things to do, but give it a thought?
    Also, I've been wanting to ask this for a long time, you're "Avatar" looks familiar somehow but I cant place it. What the hell?

  2. First let me say say that Rapidshare sucks. I encourage people to use hotfile and fileserve, especially fileserve. I use Internet Download Manager and download a lot of stuff from Fileserve and the speeds are excellent.

    I will try to do my best to post something new once a week. I'll look for some White Stripes and The Firm.

    Part of the reason I don't post often is that I try to post stuff that I don't see everywhere else. Several of my posts are bootlegs that I personally have purchased, ripped and then shared. I enjoy feeling like I am sharing something rare if not new. I don't post just to post and get hits. If it is on here it is because I am excited about it and think others will be too. Other than The Dave Matthews Band stuff, everything on here I enjoy and listen to. I posted the Dave Matthews stuff because I know a lot of people really enjoy them, though Dave Matthews bores me personally. Another reason I post a set is because I found something somewhere else that might be great, but has no tags or song titles on the files. I like playing my files in Foobar and seeing the artwork and songs titles. So I will take something worthwhile and take the time to add artwork, add tags and correct song titles. That can take a lot of time, but I won't post stuff "incomplete" so to speak. Also, you don’t see me post a lot because uploading is very time consuming. The web browser interfaces for uploading are pretty crappy and usually time out, which really is a pain in the ass. I upload via FTP which is reliable but pretty slow and very time consuming. I have a family and we all use the internet a lot, so I do my uploading when dominating the bandwidth won’t mess everyone else up.

    I will be trying to re-post previous posts that Crapidshare has deleted in the coming weeks along with some new stuff at least once a week.

    I am glad you asked about my Avatar! The picture is a publicity photo of the late character actor Jack Elam. You can check out his Wiki page here:
    Mr. Elam was known for his rugged “ugly” look, and used it to his advantage to make quite a good place for himself in Hollywood. He was in a gazillion westerns, TV shows and movies such as Bonanza, Gunsmoke, Cannonball Run, Gunfight At The OK Corral and many others. Using his picture to portray myself is my little tribute to him. I’m a movie buff and love character actors like him. RIP Jack.

  3. I only know your avatar as maybe being on WKRP..or maybe he was a crazy doctor in the Burt Reynolds movie "Cannonball Run" ?

    That's cool you will reupload yopur old rapidshare links, but on my blog, I uisually don;t look or fix old links unless a request is made.