Thursday, September 8, 2011

Led Zeppelin "Mudslide" Pre-bootleg source, Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver, BC, Canada 3/21/1970 SBD Flac (repost)

Led Zeppelin
"Mudslide" Pre-bootleg source
Pacific Coliseum,
Vancouver, BC, Canada
March 21, 1970

Lineage: Maxell Type II (5th gen) > Wavelab > CD-R> EAC > Flac

I have tagged artwork and created playlist file. Artwork, md5 and ffp files also included. This is one of the earliest Led Zeppelin boots, a very cool listen.


01 Heartbreaker
02 Organ Improv./Thank You
03 What Is & What Should Never Be
04 Communication Breakdown/Ramble On
05 We're Gonna Groove
06 Since I've Been Loving You
07 Whole Lotta Love

review from UU:

21-Mar-70 Vancouver

Mudslide (TDOLZ Vol. 44)

Heartbreaker, organ solo/Thank You, What Is and What Should Never Be, Communication Breakdown (include. Ramble On), We're Gonna Groove, Since I've Been Loving You, Whole Lotta Love (middle cut).

March 21, 1970 show in Vancouver. Opinions are split on this tape. Some call it a "night to forget," were others call this a "demonic display." This release uses the soundboard tape source (not from vinyl). This is a title that is required for any collection. TDOLZ have packaged it using the TMQ cover, making this a celebration of the original vinyl release. The tape is poorly edited, but it definitely worth having. Communication Breakdown, with the Ramble On interlude, We're Gonna Groove, and Heartbreaker are definite stand outs. (Gerard Sparaco Jan 2000)

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  1. Thanks for this clear sounding recording.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Great :)