Thursday, September 8, 2011

White Stripes 03/06/2006 "On The Planet" Zepp, Tokyo, Japan NTSC DVD & iTouch/iPod file (repost)

White Stripes
"On The Planet"
Zepp, Tokyo, Japan

Video Source: Unknown - ProShot
Video Attributes: 720x480, NTSC, 4:3, 8899 kb/s
Audio Attributes AC3 48000Hz 384 kb/s tot , stereo 2.0

No Artwork

01 Interview
02 Blue Orchid
03 Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground
04 I Think I Smell A Rat (tease)
05 Shine On Harvest Moon
06 When I hear My Name
07 My Doorbell
08 (Very short Interview)
09 Jolene
10 Death Letter
11 Cannon (tease)
12 Passive Manipulation
13 I Want To Be The Boy To Warm Your Mother's Heart
14 Hotel Yorba
15 Interview - with video clip of The Raconteurs - Steady As She Goes

This is from a TV program that was broadcast on the "Music On! TV" channel in Japan. The TV program was called: 'On The Planet - Special Issue Volume 5'. This is the complete TV program but not the entire performance by the band. Thanks go out to the original uploader and to the original taper as well. Thanks for sharing! Please trade freely and never sell.

There are chapter marks after each song and a menu.

I have also ripped this DVD to an iTouch - iPod file.

Hotfile links for DVD and iTouch file Here

Fileserve DVD links Here

Fileserve iTouch file links Here

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