Friday, September 5, 2008

Sheryl Crow 8-16-1997 Sonic Studios, Philadelphia, PA "Sonic Sessions" flac

Sheryl Crow - "Sonic Sessions"

Sonic Studios
Philadelphia, PA
August 16, 1997

This is a really good recording of Sheryl Crow. I'm a big fan of this stage of her career and these songs are great live. I have changed the file names to reflect the song names, and have designed my album covers since the only one I found out there was pretty crappy. I have tagged the files with artwork and made em all pretty. The comments below are from the person who released this recording, not me. Enjoy!


NOT FM or PRE-FM sourced, this is from my DAT clone directly off the master.
MASTER 2 track SBD DAT>Panasonic SV-3800>Tascam DA-30MKII
Transfer: Tascam DA-30MKII>Sound Devices 702>Wavelab 5>CDWAV>FLAC

Track list:

01 - Soundcheck/Studio Audience Instructions
02 - Change
03 - Strong Enough
04 - Redemption Day
05 - Miss Creation
06 - Home
07 - tuning
08 - Run Baby Run

When I originally made a clone from the DAT master, an intentional 10 second cut was placed on my copy by the person who let me clone the DAT, I copied the cut portion at a later point when unattended, now seamlessly put back together for the 1st time. You have not ever heard this performance in it's entirety like this before!

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For you Sheryl Crow fans who do not mind mp3's, here is a link to a metric buttload of great Crow boots: Sheryl Crow Bootleg mp3's here


  1. I will NEVER listen to this b**ch again because of what she did to the Late Great KEVIN GILBERT.
    I dropped the two cd's of hers I had down the sewer when I found out, and fully understood how she back-stabbed KG, and took all the credit for the songs that HE wrote and co-wrote with her, that incidentally made her career. She would NOT be where she is today, were it not for KEVIN GILBERT, and thousands would agree!!!