Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Led Zeppelin January 11, 1969 - Filmore West (Soundboard) flac

Led Zeppelin January 11, 1969 - Filmore West (Soundboard) flac

This is a great snapshot of the mighty Zeppelin. Young. Hungry. Raw. Strong. Led Zeppelin I is in my top two albums of all times, and to hear them do several of these songs live and in soundboard quality, is outstanding. This recording was released as "Shonen Zep (Akashic label)". I could not find the front cover art to this recording (I did include the back cover), so I picked my favorite off the great Zeppelinart website and used that.

I have made an m3u playlist, encoded tags and encoded the artwork in the tags using MP3tag. Enjoy, and please leave comments!-RMac®

The Players:
Robert Plant - Vocals
James Patrick Page - Guitar
John Henry Bonham - Drums, Percussion
John Paul Jones (aka John Baldwin) - Bass

Set List:
00 - Introduction - Banter
01 - I Can't Quit You
02 - Dazed And Confused
03 - You Shook Me
04 - How Many More Times
05 - Communication Breakdown

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