Thursday, June 3, 2010

Page & Plant - Glastonbury 6/25/1995 Pro-shot DVD & iTouch/iPod video

Jimmy Page & Robert Plant Live At The Glastonbury Festival June 25th 1995.

An awesome pro-shot DVD of Page/Plant.


01. No Quarter
02. Gallows Pole
03. 'Presentation'
04. Since I've Been Loving You
05. The Song Remains The Same
06. Friends
07. Break On Through/Dazed And Confused/Calling To You
08. Four Sticks
09. In The Evening
10. Kashmir

I have also ripped it to an iTouch/iPod video file. Enjoy!

iTouch and DVD links on Rapidshare HERE.
Password: GoodBoot

New links as of 6/17/2010


  1. Excellent, another fine share, thanks again for your continued hard work

  2. Many thanks for another great post-BTW thanks for the conversion tips-worked like a champ! Keep up the itouch posts-love it! Thanks!


  3. Glad the iTouch stuff worked for you. My wife and I bought a full size van with two video screens and we can hook up ipod video to it with aux inputs. Great stuff.

  4. New links up for DVD and iTouch video

  5. Thanks for this, now I can upgrade from my old VHS copy!

  6. The van sounds good, must be excellent to have concerts on the move.

    Can you do torrents?. I have an offer of the Led Zeppelin O2 DVD - A Work in Progress version, but my ISP blocks torrents. If not no worries as I believe torrents can be a pain.

  7. RMac is there any way you can grab and re-post Led Zeppelin O2 DVD - A Work in Progress as mentioned above in the June 7th comment. It's a version with at least 15 camera angles.

    This is a link to a tease

    and here(bottom of page)

    But I can't find it anywhere.

  8. I'd be VERY interested in "A Work In Progress" too, if you can get hold of it!

  9. OK guys, I'm working getting "A Work In Progress". If all goes right I'll have it up before the end of the week.

  10. Cool! Thanks, RMac!

    I have an mp3@320 recording of BBC 6 Music's "The John Bonham Story", a recent Dave Grohl-narrated radio show, plus a couple of bonus interviews with Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones, already uploaded to RapidShare if you'd be interested in featuring it?

  11. I really want to see "A work in progress". I'll be checking back here daily.
    Thanks in advance!