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Jimmy Page & the Led Zeppelin BBC Sessions FLAC

Jimmy Page & the Led Zeppelin BBC Sessions

Broadcast on BBC 6 Music on 25th December 2009 in two parts.


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Jimmy Page and the early Led Zeppelin BBC Sessions (FLAC).txt
BBC - 6Music News - 'Unconvincing' Led Zeppelin.mht

Part 1.flac
Part 2.flac



Jimmy Page talks exclusively about the band's early BBC sessions

They are one of the most successful rock bands ever, but the BBC was unconvinced about Led Zeppelin when they played their first radio session.

Documents from the BBC’s written archive unearthed by 6 Music and published today (16 Dec) show that producers invited the group to appear on a trial basis only, giving their performance a cautious welcome. A 1969 Audition Panel of BBC producers reviewed them, with future broadcasts depending on their verdicts.

One wrote: "English blues group longing to sound like Muddy Waters, but failing necessarily through being derivative...for me it’s unconvincing and I’d rather hear the genuine article."

Jimmy Page came in to 6 Music to talk to Breakfast Show presenter Shaun Keaveny about those Led Zeppelin sessions, for a Christmas Day special.

The programme, Jimmy Page and the BBC Sessions, was broadcast in two parts on Christmas Day (25 December) 2009.

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  1. Thanks for this - I missed the broadcast, so it's great to be able to catch up with it!

  2. Your welcome! I actually haven't listened to it myself yet, looking forward to it. If you haven't seen "It Might Get Loud" yet, it is a must see! Can't stress it enough. It is one of the coolest movies I have ever seen. I have it on my iTouch as well as on DVD and keep watching it over, and over, and over....

  3. I've grabbed "It Might Get Loud" as an avi file - only seen the beginning (with Jack White building a makeshift guitar) so far.

  4. That is one of the coolest things I have ever seen. I have liked the White Stripes casually for years, but after seeing his love for the old blues like Son House, and all the other footage on It Might Get Loud, I am now a big Jack White fan. I'l be posting a white stripes dvd and I think i have some concert audio as well.