Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jimmy Page and Robert Plant - "Simple Truth" - The Shark Tank - San Jose, CA - May 20, 1995 "TISDU" FLAC & mp3

Jimmy Page and Robert Plant - "Simple Truth" - The Shark Tank - San Jose, CA - May 20, 1995 "TISDU"
Kiss the Stone Records - KTS 450/451
Superb Soundboard Recording probably from Pre-FM Broadcast.

This show was recorded by Westwood One and parts of it has been aired from time to time. I have the silvers from one of the broadcasts and only a few songs were aired at that time. This is the same quality, albeit mono, therefore I am led to believe this is from the master recording of this show. For some reason it was converted to mono (why the hell do the bootleggers do this?). I ripped it and did the Tisdu process on it, and it sounds much better than the original mono on the silvers, in my opinion.

This is a fresh rip of this 2-cd set by me. I Love this set and have the silvers so I thought I would rip it for those that don't have it.
Lineage: Silver CDs > Wav (CDex) > Tisdu using Audacity > Traders Little Helper/FLAC Level 8 > Front cover and details tagged to FLAC files using Mp3tag v2.42

I scanned all the artwork at 300 pixels per inch. The scans came out very good. Includes the whole fold-out insert, scans of the actual CD's and both sides of the tray insert. I haven't seen all this art anywhere else, not even the Zeppelin art website so I hope people enjoy having it.
m3u playlist files created as well.

OK. For more details on Tisdu, check this:

Tisdu is basically simulated stereo. The interesting thing is that different things are heard in each ear even tho it is just "enhanced" Mono. What I did on this particular release is as follows: Ripped to wav, had both disc as full files and inserted .05 seconds of silence on the begining of the right channel, then upped the whole volume to 110% of the original (to give it a little more punch, there was no clipping), then reduced the left channel to 80% of that (see the Tisdu page above for the reason for that, I assure you the right side doesn't sound louder on the final product). Then I seperated each track from the whole and encoded to FLAC Level 8. I also split the Hurdy Gurdy Solo from Nobody's Fault but Mine and split Four Sticks from In The Evening. My preference. It's my party and I was doing this for me first, and that's the way I like it (uh-huh, uh-huh), so feel free to NOT like it if you want :-)

FFP, ST5 and MD5 files included with the FLAC version.

Track listing:

Disc 1:

Thank You
Bring It On Home
Ramble On
Shake My Tree
Intro 2
No Quarter
Gallows Pole
Hurdy Gurdy Solo
Nobody's Fault But Mine
Hey Hey What Can I Do?
The Song Remains The Same

Disc 2:

Since I've Been Loving You
Calling To You (Dazed & Confused - Break On Through)
Four Sticks
In The Evening
Black Dog

Hope you enjoy!


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  2. Sorry it has taken so long. I am re-upping the flac files right now. I had to recreate the rar files so if you want the flac you'll have to download all 5 parts again. I have included verification and fingerprint files. Will post again when it is complete.

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